Lake Dillon Vista

Plein Air Painting, especially watercolor, is a relatively new adventure for me, since my graduate degree is in printmaking (I am still strongly drawn to multiples as my signed note cards and limited edition laser prints attest…if I could clone myself I probably would).

I am currently also involved doing whimsical acrylic painting on objects and doing figurative work with pen. Watercolor is perhaps an extension of my pen and ink sketchbooks as a part of my ongoing “dance to life,” …but with entirely different subject matter!

I believe that artists learn through looking and creating; and, when things are going well, they “channel” the energy of the Universe into their creative flow, with their resulting interpretations helping others (and themselves) to see the world in new and exciting ways.

I want my watercolors to spontaneously reflect what I feel about my subject rather than to be realistic reproductions. My goal is to discover something new each time I paint. I rarely draft with pencil before I put my brush to paper. The finished picture should energize the soul as well as entertain the eye.

At home, I surround myself with the works of others (other than works in progress in my studio) because I learn through their diversity. New ways of seeing are essential to everyone’s development.